Alright lets get down to business about new characters!

Put your new character on character pt.1 and put the abilities on pt.2 (Make sure to include character name.

New charactersEdit

(Please try to include art)(Put your name on YOUR made characters for us too give you credit if we use it.) Kai-KenjiChang Zane-KenjiChang Cole-KenjiChang Jay-KenjiChang Lloyd-KenjiChang Kenji-KenjiChang

New Characters(Part 2)Edit

Kai- Fire Blaze-Undistinguished Combo-Ultra Move=True-Potential-Pits of Hell Zane-Ice Spikes-Freeze Stun-Ultra Move-True Potential-Impact of a Thousand Glaciers Cole-Earth Boulder-Solid Earth-Ultra Move- True Potential-100.0 Earthquake Jay-Lightning Dash-Electric Beam-Ultra Move-True Potential- Ultimate Storm Lloyd-Light Spark-Ray Beams-Ultra Move-True Potential- Laser of Blinding Light Kenji-Air Smash-Wind Current-Ultra Move-True Potential-Tornado of a thousand Storms